G and R International - For cash and transfer .for company

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Dear sir

good time

I am reza.heidari.I am one of investor in the web site.www.gulft-c.com

I can not speake or writt english very well sorry.but I need your help please.

I send from my web site.www.gulft-c.com

total(100.000)kuwait dinar.KD for gulf exchange.

I am expectting some money from "GCC" Global company with this web site.ww.gulft-c.com

has it arrived?

I'd like to pay this into my account bank.

I am hard up for money.please help my.


what shall I do?

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is Reza Heidari I am one of your trader and I invited 6000 people to joned your company with there money but since 7 months we don't have any news from you and we didn't recevied any money since 7 months and all this people which they trusted me and your company they want there money and I am in lot's of trouble with this pepole please try to understand my problam and help me for example:.

1.I did transfered 90000 dinar to my in iran since 6 months ago and still I didn't received anything just getting feak email from exchanging company.

2.I did transfered 10000 dinar to my nephew account in london(UK) still nothing.

So please like the last time you send me a id number and password email me if I can contact with you if you have any telephone which I can talk direct to you let me know please please sort out this problam all this people wants their money and my life really is up side down now please help me in anyway you know I waiting to get respond from you.thank you for your consideration.

your sincerely

Reza Heidari

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